Tooth loss, confidence lost

Woman ready for her dental implant

When people lose their teeth, it can have a dramatic impact on the way they look, sound, and feel. Having to smile without teeth can be draining and disheartening. Tooth loss can be hard to deal with, as a full set of teeth is essential to having the ideal confidence-boosting smile. Not only that, but tooth loss can have a negative effect on someone’s oral health, exposing them to further complications like jawbone deterioration and gum recession.
However, confidence doesn’t have to be lost forever. Instead, it can be restored and revitalised. In Buckinghamshire, dental implants are provided to eligible patients with missing teeth by many practices, including Smile Design Dental. They are natural-looking, sturdy replacements that give patients a new lease of life.

Dental implants in Buckinghamshire

The treatment can be broken up into two stages. Firstly, a small titanium screw is fixed into the part of the jawbone where the tooth is missing. After a certain amount of time, the screw will fuse with the bone to act and function in the same way as a natural tooth root. Secondly, replacement teeth in the form of crowns, bridges or dentures are attached.

Fearing pain?

One of the most common problems preventing people from replacing their teeth is a fear of the dentist and the procedure itself. Although patients will experience minor discomfort following treatment, the treatment itself is carried out under local anaesthetic to keep patients as comfortable as possible. Many dental practices also offer sedation to patients who get particularly nervous, ensuring a more relaxing experience.

Maintaining smiles

The key to a happy, confident smile is in good oral health. Although dental implants in Buckinghamshire benefit people by replacing their missing teeth with artificial ones, they must be looked after as though they were natural teeth. This is because though dental implants are not susceptible to tooth decay, gum disease can cause problems and lead to their loss.


Receiving dental implants in Buckinghamshire is all about changing life for the better. The natural-looking and functioning teeth are secure enough for people to eat their favourite foods and drinks, while also smiling to their fullest.