Put the pleasure back with dental implants in Leeds

Man ready for his teeth to be checked

Not being able to bite and chew properly, let alone taste food fully, can be a dispiriting experience that gradually chips away at the joy in life and can perhaps even lead to depression. Losing body parts is always going to be traumatic. Just because humans have 32 adult teeth, it does not mean that losing them one by one is any easier. And, as they go, the ability to eat properly becomes harder exponentially. Over the centuries, people have done their best to find good ways to replace teeth and give people back the full function of their mouths, but it is only with the advent of dental implants that this has been realised.

Now dental implants are available from various dental practices, including Enhancedental. Dentists are training in the minor oral surgery required to be able to successfully place implants into the jawbone. This is a definite skill, as there are arteries and nerves that need to be avoided, and the dentist needs to know at exactly which angle to place the implant, and what size implant to used to get the job done.


In Leeds, dental implants are pretty flexible. They can be used individually to support a single crown, but one implant can also support up to 3 crowns, acting as a bridge without the need to grind down adjacent teeth for support. Implants can be used to replace an entire arch of teeth, upper or lower. On this theme, implants surgeons have also evolved a technique for using implants to stabilise dentures, which saves patients money and gives them back their chewing ability.


Over the years of development and experimentation, the time it takes to get implants has shortened considerably. It used to take at least 6 months to get the dental implants in Leeds, allowing a long period for osseointegration, the process by which the biocompatible titanium implant meshes with new bone tissue growth. Treatment could take even longer if the patient needed to have a bone graft first and that needed time to take. Now it’s possible to get implants inserted and new crowns put on in one visit, in a treatment called Same Day Teeth.