How to Use NFC Tags

People using smartphones

Near Field Communication or NFC tags, are tiny integrated circuit chips developed for storing information that you could retrieve using devices such as smartphones or tablets that use NFC. They’re embedded chips that you could use with NFC-enabled devices for transferring instructions or data on them through NFC wireless technology.

NFC tags, whether bought online or through a physical store, look like tiny, square or round stickers around the same size of a big coin. Below are some common applications of NFC tags you’d be surprised to know about:

Not Your Usual Business Card

If you always forget your business card at home or simply don’t have one, you could opt for an NFC tag. You simply store your business information on an NFC tag and share away.

Turning On Your Smartphone’s Hot Spot

You could use an NFC tag for storing instructions on turning on your smartphone’s hot spot, stick it to your laptop or tablet or tap the tag to your smartphone to fire up your hotspot instantly.

Share Wi-Fi with Everyone

You could store the details of your Wi-Fi on an NFC tag and connect it with a device that has NFC capability to instantly connect to your Wi-Fi.

Smart Directions

You could encode an NFC tag to load Google Maps, stick in your vehicle, tap, and you’ll have Google Maps ready in seconds or minutes, depending on your Wi-Fi connection.

Advertising Your Business

You could stick an NFC tag on your business’ promotional posters or flyers so that people who scan the tag could instantly obtain your business info, including directions and its Google maps layout. This would save many prospective customers a lot of effort and time, which is the number one reason most people don’t go to new places.

An Alternative and More Effective Alarm Clock

Just stick an NFC tag in a spot where you usually stop upon waking up, like your bathroom for instance, and your alarm would only turn off when you connect it with your smartphone. More effective than the snooze function right?

As you could see from above, you could use NFC tags for various everyday applications. And yes, the NFC technology is quite new and has yet to be applied to everything. However, as it gains popularity, the things you could do with NFC tags would also expand in the near future.