Checking Your Garage Now Could Spare You Trouble Later

Garage Doors

Garages play a key role in any home. They provide you with an extension; provide storage, and protect your vehicles from the weather. Like all other parts of the house, garages need maintenance to keep them in top shape. Thankfully, companies around Brisbane are available for roller door repairs but simple maintenance can be done to prevent damages to both your garage and wallet. Here are some tips to help you with that:

Maintenance and Lubrication

A garage door is only as good as the garage door opener. Always check if the parts are sufficiently lubricated–WD40 or any citrus-based lubricant will do–and check whether each part is in its proper place. Moving parts tend move all over the place so don’t forget to check and, when necessary, tighten the chain drive of your opener, the rollers, roller tracks, and the hinges on your garage door. Lubricate the pulleys for extension-spring openers and bearings for torsion-spring openers–they do most of the heavy lifting.

More Maintenance Tips

Rollers are one of the key parts of any garage door mechanism. If the hinges and rollers seem stuck, don’t throw your remote in frustration. Instead, try soaking them in kerosene first, this should free any build up and keep them moving smoothly. But please, never remove a lift cable while the door spring is in tension. Doing so runs the risk of slicing anything in half–that’s the last thing you want.

Also, don’t forget to show some love to the door itself. Check on the glass panels, the wood or metal sheeting and the weather stripping. The weather stripping serves as the border between the door’s gaps, working to keep the elements out. Be sure to check them regularly and replace when needed. Whether for storage, recreation, or even living space, garages will take care of you, but only if you take care of them.