Building Trust with a Dentist in Southgate

Finding the right dentistDentists smiling does not have to be a matter of trial and error. There are things to look out for and a way to go about finding a dental practice that suits, and very often these days the search starts online.

A good keyphrase would be ‘dentist in Southgate’ and when putting that into Google a list of dentists, such as Adams Dental, will come up. Then it’s a case of having a list of criteria and checking through each website to see if the dental clinic meets or does not meet, or even exceeds, those criteria.

Dental needs

People have different dental needs depending on what age they are. Youngsters need treatments to prevent decay and make sure their teeth come through correctly. Adults often want cosmetic treatments to give them a fabulous smile. Older people often need to get failing teeth replaced or have treatment for gum disease. And everyone may need the services of an emergency dentist for toothaches or knocked out teeth.

Being scared

A surprisingly high number of people in the UK, about 12%, are very anxious about going to the dentist. Dentists have cottoned onto this and have trained in ways to make them feel more comfortable. This extends from the way the dental practice is decorated to the attitude of the reception staff as well as the dental team. Dentists are also often trained in how to deal with scared patients and almost all of them offer various kinds of sedation. Some also offer less invasive sedation techniques such as counselling and hypnotherapy.

Looking lovely

It’s not at all unusual for dentists to offer facial rejuvenation treatments such as dermal fillers and Botox. These match well with dental skills and knowledge.


This is really important. Does the dentist in Southgate open outside the usual hours? Is there car parking? Is the practice near a bus stop or tube station?

Go and see

From these questions, it is possible to draw up a shortlist and the next step is to visit each dentist in Southgate and see which one feels like the right fit. It’s also a good idea, of course, to ask around and see what neighbours and colleagues think.