Are Your Wheels Misaligned? Top Signs to Watch Out For

Misaligned wheels can disrupt a car’s suspension and make the steering wheel difficult to use, so it’s important to watch for signs of misalignment. Correcting the problem is simple and ensures a smooth drive.

Vehicles don’t always run the way their owners would like them to. Wheel misalignment is a common problem with the car’s suspension that can affect its ability to absorb shock and can make driving more challenging. This makes getting a Lakewood wheel alignment and brake service more important.

Signs of misalignment that all drivers should look out for are:

  • Leaning towards one side while driving
  • Slow steering wheel that is difficult to turn
  • Screeching sound from the tires
  • Uneven wear on the tires

The condition of the tires is the most important sign. If an excessive amount of wear is present on the edges, then the car needs an alignment.

What Causes Misalignment?

The common causes of misalignment include being involved in a road accident, making a sudden stop, or damage caused by potholes. The car’s suspension, like the rest of the car, can also become worn out due to continued use.

If ignored, the problem will make the car difficult to handle, increasing the likelihood of an accident. It will also wear out all the suspension components faster, reduce the life of the tires, and increase fuel costs. Driving with a misalignment is both risky and expensive. Regular maintenance checks will ensure that any problem is spotted early.

A professional alignment and brake service can set the car straight. Experts use specialized equipment to measure the alignment and diagnose problems so that all parts can be adjusted back to their correct setting (parallel to each other). Just call one of the team for a prompt service that will get the car back on the road.