Are Your Driving Up Your Car Repair Tab?

a woman checking the car's engine

Most drivers detest taking their cars to the repair shop as they often end up spending more than they had anticipated. In most cases, they tend to put their cars through a considerable amount of abuse, inflicting extensive damages.

If each trip to the repair shop saddles you with a tab that leaves a gaping hole in your finances, then you might want to put a stop to that. Naturally, when this happens, most people tend to pile the blame on the repair shop. Before you change your car mechanic, take a hard look at your driving habits.

You might be surprised to find that you subject your car to a considerable amount of abuse. Doing so results in the higher than average wear and tear, and this leads to the super expensive price tag on your repairs.

Are you an aggressive driver?

If you’re an impatient driver on the road, the chances are that you will be given to aggressive driving. You will tend to accelerate quickly, brake hard and careen corners. Such behaviour takes a significant toll on your engine. At high speeds, especially when they come at short quick bursts, you’re putting more strain o the engine.

High revolutions put more stress on the cylinder heads and car valves, resulting in more wear and tear. It also causes the engine to overheat, which impacts the other components of the engine. It therefore possible that a mechanic needs to change some engine components whenever you pop in for a tune-up.

Are you keen on preventive maintenance?

As with any other machine with moving parts, your car is prone to wear and tear, even when driven responsibly. You need to keep the moving parts well-oiled to eliminate the leading problem in the car industry — friction. Whether it’s the engine, the suspensions or transmission system, you will need to keep them well lubricated. A quick reference to the car’s manual can show you the best intervals to service the car. Failing to follow manufacturer’s recommendations breeds acute problems. Preventive maintenance keeps small problems from becoming full-fledged and raiding your wallet.

Your driving habits and car maintenance schedule play a considerable role in determining your car repair tab whenever you pop in for a tune-up. Careful and conscious drivers end up spending a lot less on repair and maintenance.