4 Questions for Your Car Mechanic

Auto mechanic fixing a car

Having your car break down in the middle of the road is truly stressful. As a car owner, you know very well that it’s bound to happen at least once in your entire driving experience. While car breakdowns are avoidable through regular maintenance, accidents do happen. When faced with one, you got no choice but to bring your car to the experts.

No one understands cars better than car mechanics. Therefore, LRC Automotive believes that it’s important to ask the right questions when bringing your car for repair to understand better what happened with your car and how to prevent it from happening again in the future.

What is the problem?

Cars are complex types of machinery and problems can stem from any of its parts. A good mechanic would be able to diagnose the problem based on symptoms and know the solution to take. Let your mechanic explain what happened, so you would understand the problem.

How will the problem be fixed?

Should the parts be changed, or are simple repairs good enough? Knowing how the problem will be fixed can give you an idea on how much you have to spend on the overall repair.

Are the parts still under warranty?

If the problem part was replaced recently, chances are it’s still under a warranty. Make sure you verify this with your technician because tampering with certain car parts that are under warranty will cause it to be null and void.

Are there alternative solutions?

Asking for alternative solutions might not get your car in its top shape, but it will definitely be able to get it functioning at a lower cost. Know possible alternatives and weigh the pros and cons of choosing one.

Car repairs can be complicated, especially for people who have no idea about cars. But asking the right questions and having the right mechanic for the job can help you understand what is happening with your vehicle.