3 Places You Can Incorporate Glass Into Your Home Design

Contractors installing glass windows

Designing your home with glass will brighten up your space and create a more spacious look — given that you know how and where to install them. Here are three excellent places in your home where you could incorporate glass and achieve a stunning and elegant look.

The Staircase

Glass balustrades have an elegant and classy look and allow you to showcase your stairs. It is also a great way to maximise natural lighting, which is essential in keeping this part of the house safe.

Glass balustrades are becoming a popular choice for Auckland home owners because of the beauty they add, whether it’s in a new home or an old one.

In Between Rooms

When you want to divide an enormous room to create more defined spaces, installing glass dividers is the best way to maintain the natural flow of light without obstructing views from other rooms as well as the outdoors.

As glass reflects light, it helps illuminate spaces and creates an open, clear-looking space that makes the area feel larger than it actually is.

The Bath

If you want to brighten and open up the space of your bath, using glass partitions and shelves is key in achieving this. Aside from the visual trick, it’s also an excellent choice of material because mildew — a common problem in moist areas, such as bathrooms — does not grow on it.

It’s easy to maintain and clean, and you don’t have to worry about paint chipping off, wood splitting or it losing shape over time. The see-through material creates a light and airy look that’s sleek and stylish. It is truly a minimalist material that lends a lot of luxurious and elegant feel to the space.

Using glass to open and brighten up your home is a design trick that lets you maximise lighting, whether natural or artificial. You get floodlit rooms around the house that help make your home a truly comfortable and relaxing space to live in.